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On your answer sheet, write the letter for the correct description which defines each term.

1.     Care Plan

A. Temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure

2.     DNR

B. Tube that is placed in the bladder to drain it of urine.

3.     Frequent Hand Washing

C. Loss of cognitive and intellectual functions.

4.     Gait Belt

D. Sore that forms from immobility

5.     Catheter

E. Nothing by Mouth

6.     Activities of Daily Living

F. Do not resuscitate

7.     Decubitus

G. Technique used to prevent the spread of infection

8.     Vital Signs

H. Document developed by RN Supervisor that outlines the client’s care needs.

9.     Dementia

I. Bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, toileting, personal hygiene

10.  NPO

J. Device used to help transfer a client

11.  Transferring

K. Physically moving someone from one place to another.

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