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Home health care provides better outcomes & customer satisfaction at a cheaper rate than nursing homes

The concept of home health care is appealing to many families caring for their senior loved ones because they offer an alternative to assisted living or nursing homes. Many seniors desire to live in the comfort of their home and want to age in place. Does anyone really want to go to a nursing home?

Five Star Home Health Care is a full-service home care solution that provides the care your loved ones need. 

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We believe in a re-imagined world without nursing homes. We bring home health aides directly into your Northern Virginia home by providing 1-on-1 home health aide care on a live-in, hourly or overnight basis.


Home Health Aides vs. Assisted Living/Nursing Facility Care

Home Health AidesFacility Care
Offers 1-on-1 personal careCare is shared among many residents
Familiar home environment more conducive to someone with memory impairmentNew facility environment can exacerbate behaviors for someone with a memory impairment
Social and recreational opportunities and car transportation to events (with neighbors, family members, friends, etc)In-house social and recreational opportunities (albeit with strangers and other residents)
Complete control on timing and type of mealsScheduled meal times and limited options
Maintain familiar living environmentMove to unfamiliar living environment
Allows petsMost residences prohibit pets