What We Believe

"People don't buy WHAT you do—they buy WHY you do it."​

What is our WHY?

Advocate for Seniors We believe in a re-imagined world without nursing homes. Seniors should have the privilege to live and recover at home, not in a facility.
Employees Come First Employees should have work/life harmony, be paid a Living Wage and have the benefits necessary for comfort and security with their family.
Culture of Empathy Management should embody Servant Leadership Principles by putting the needs of their team first.
Operational Integrity Ethics and compliance with regulatory process and procedure must guide execution. We must be audit-ready all the time.
High Standards We will deliver a client experience and provide care standards that we would expect to provide to our own family members.
Organizational Agility Change is the only constant in healthcare. We must be nimble in building the company to set new standards of care, not just following in the path of others.
We Must Show Value We will validate that healthcare at home provides better outcomes, better customer satisfaction and a better value to the payers, compared to facility care.
Differentiate to Win Leaders will develop strategic plans crafted through the lens of Blue Ocean Strategy to spend more time focused on our patients, not on our competitors.
Our Mission is to keep our clients safe, functional and comfortable in their own home.
Our Vision is comprehensive healthcare at home for high risk seniors, at half the cost of facility care.

Our Values

  • Treat each client as if we are caring for our own family, and use that as the benchmark guiding how we operate.
  • Apply our comprehensive knowledge of home health care so our clients are safe, functional and comfortable at home.
  • Treat our client as the customer and provide the best value, regardless of who is paying the bill.
  • Provide local, helpful and trained staff that are available live 24/7. No “press 1.” No off-site call centers. No voice mail.
  • Communicate with our clients and their family on a regular basis and strive to proactively anticipate their needs before they ask.
  • Seek solutions and answers, instead of saying: “That’s not my job.”
  • Actively involve clients in their own care by listening and catering to their needs.
  • Coordinate our services with other health care providers to achieve our clients’ overall goals.
  • Treat our clients with courtesy, consideration, dignity and respect and assure the right to privacy.
  • Delight our clients with attention to detail that exceeds their expectations. Special or custom requests are never a problem.
  • Give clients trust and confidence in our abilities by utilizing skilled staff who are experts in their field.

How We Approach Our Work

  • Follow our passions.
  • Have fun.
  • Keep politics out.
  • Keep things simple.
  • Set benchmarks ourselves, not by our competitors.
  • Develop career paths that enable promotions from within.
  • Don’t think of work as work, and play as play. It’s all living.
  • Make a reasonable profit.
  • Trust and act on our instincts.
  • A live person should always answer the phone.
  • Use e-mail for fact-based communications only.
  • When things get frustrating or stressful, take a day off to recharge.
  • True open-door policy so that anyone can criticize, brainstorm or contribute new ideas.
  • Foster a casual work environment so people can feel at ease.
  • Establish a regimen of talking to customers on a regular basis.
  • Understand and contribute to the needs of our local community.
  • Respect your employees’ individuality, personality and diversity.
  • Treat customers the way we would expect to be treated ourselves.
  • Don’t obsess over the small stuff. Keep focused on the big picture.
  • Get the best people to help us with things we don’t know ourselves.
  • Exhibit unwavering ethics, and cultivate an environment of honesty.
  • Treat our employees, business partners and customers with respect.
  • Create a culture of winning, and fight to sustain that culture at all costs.
  • Leverage technology for competitive advantage – better, faster, cheaper.
  • Minimal interior walls, to facilitate greater communication and collaboration.
  • Re-evaluate our portfolio every year to make sure we’re ahead of the curve.
  • Establish a 1-page “flash” report which covers all of the basic business metrics.