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Our Values

Five Star Service Standards – Guiding Principles of How We Operate

  • Treat each client as if we are caring for our own family, and use that as the benchmark guiding how we operate.
  • Apply our comprehensive knowledge of home health care so our clients are safe, functional and comfortable at home.
  • Treat our client as the customer and provide the best value, regardless of who is paying the bill.
  • Provide local, helpful and trained staff that are available live 24/7. No “press 1,” no off-site call centers and no voice mail.
  • Communicate with our clients and their family on a regular basis and strive to proactively anticipate their needs before they ask.
  • Seek solutions and answers, instead of saying: “That’s not my job.”
  • Actively involve our clients in their own care by listening and catering to their needs.
  • Coordinate our services with other health care providers to achieve our clients’ overall goals.
  • Treat our clients with courtesy, consideration, dignity and respect and assure the right to privacy.
  • Delight our clients with attention to detail that exceeds their expectations. Special or custom requests are never a problem.
  • Give clients trust and confidence in our abilities by utilizing skilled staff who are experts in their field.