Whole-Person care is not a type of treatment. Simply put, whole-person care is a client experience. It’s an attitude and a company culture that defines and inspires the way we work. Whole-Person care means coordinating and connecting our client’s health services. Our RN Case Manager evaluates our clients for all of our home health services and works with your physician to integrate our services into a total wellness solution.

Living Assistance

Nurse Aides assist with daily bathing, dressing, grooming, personal care and meal preparation to maintain independence and comfort at home on a live-in, hourly or overnight basis.

Medication  Management

Our nurse inventories all meds in your home, followed by our pharmacy partner reviewing your meds with your physician. Each dose is then packaged for easier in-home compliance.


We provide car transportation to medical appointments and events to stay active and engaged with friends and family, participate in religious services and maintain your independence.


Personal Trainers develop an exercise program to manage weight, improve circulation, flexibility and breathing and assist with a balanced nutrition program.

Skilled Nursing

Our nurse performs a full clinical assessment, delivers specialized care for the treatment of your illness and provides teaching for self- management of chronic diseases. All clients receive a home safety evaluation, fall risk assessment and medication reconciliation.

Wound Care

Our clinical team treats chronic, non-healing wounds in the comfort and safety of home.


Maximize your independence with Physical Therapy to improve mobility and balance, Occupational Therapy to improve extremity function and Speech Therapy to improve communication and swallowing.


We coordinate our services with care providers, including house call physicians, equipment providers, nursing facilities, age-in-place home modification companies, hospice, elder law attorneys and geriatric care managers.

Memory Care

We provide compassionate staff expertly trained in care techniques in the home for individuals with a memory impairment such as Alzheimer’s Disease.


Medical Social Workers assist with understanding your community resources to maintain your independence and provide counseling and family support.