Business Operations

Mark Antonio, Financial Controller
Brandon Blake, President
Jeff Cook, Revenue Cycle Manager
Laurie Crum, MSN, RN, Chief Clinical Officer
Michelle DeSieno, Compliance Director
Meril Helton, On-Call Coordinator
Tony Hughes, Vice President
Sean Onstad, Business Operations
Johnny Wilkinson, CEO

Business Development Team

Andre Atkins, Business Development Manager
Amy Coppa, Business Development Manager
Jen Drayton, Senior Business Development Manager
Tom King, Director of Sales
Shannon Quinn, Business Development Manager

Skilled Care Operations

Ebony Brown, Intake Coordinator
Anna Cox, Operations
Karen Furnish, RN, Director of Nursing

Skilled Care Team

Patrick Beckett, LPN Case Manager
Kristen Carey, RN Case Manager
Maggie Dolan, RN Case Manager
Shaquila Jones-Thorpe, Medical Social Worker
Sahid Kamara, LPN Case Manager
Jasmin Miral, LPN Case Manager
Batzorigt Sanduijav, RN Case Manager
Janine Saunders, CNA
Lucy Weiss, LPN Case Manager

Therapy Team

Lolita Bixon, Occupational Therapist
Bukunola Caillier, Physical Therapy Assistant
Caitlin Costello, Occupational Therapist
Keith Freeburn, Physical Therapist
Olga Goncharov, Speech-Language Pathologist
Cheryl Guarna, Physical Therapist
Betsy Hatcher, Occupational Therapist
Deshy Kinfu, Physical Therapist
Beth Mayer, Speech-Language Pathologist
Katerina Meade, Physical Therapist
Simona Mitchell, Speech-Language Pathologist
Kristen Moore, Speech-Language Pathologist
Elena Pickford, Occupational Therapist
Saritha Ramasamy, Physical Therapist
Rebekah Singleton, Physical Therapy Assistant
Rebecca Taylor, Occupational Therapist

Personal Care Operations

Phil Dell, Director of Personal Care
Hyunsil Kim, RN Case Manager
Ami Lotia, Talent Acquisition Manager
Wyatt Patterson, Care Coordinator
Lillian Scott, Care Coordinator
Krupa Vasan, Operations Manager

Winchester Branch Office

Carmela Bernardini, RN, Director of Personal Care
Jessica Bowman, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Julia Foster, LPN Case Manager
Tania Gardner, Physical Therapist
Patrina Harvall, Skilled Care Operations Assistant
Linda Richman, RN Clinical Manager
Sarah Shell, Occupational Therapist
Jessica Simmons, Intake Coordinator
Rebekah Singleton, Physical Therapy Assistant
Yoonsil Stowe, RN Case Manager
Katie Wisecarver, MSN, RN Case Manager
Sandy Zachgo, Care Coordinator, Personal Care

Honest Medical Weight Loss

Nicole Hindle, Registered Dietitian
Danielle Kearney, Yoga Instructor
Laura Sullivan, Personal Trainer
Sarah Sutton, Behavioral Health Educator
Sumi Tohan, Registered Dietitian

Professional Advisory Committee

Chairperson: Brandon Blake, President
Management: Laurie Crum, MSN, RN, Chief Clinical Officer
Management: Tony Hughes, Vice President
Secretary: Michelle DeSieno, Compliance Director
Nursing: Karen Furnish, RN, Director of Nursing
Therapy: Simona Mitchell, SLP
Therapy: Shaquila Jones-Thorpe, MSW
Personal Care: Phil Dell, Director of Personal Care
Personal Care: Carmela Bernardini, RN, Director of Personal Care
Physician Advisor: Dr. Steve Simmons, House Call Physician with DocTalker Family Medicine
External Advisor: Jodi Lyons, Senior Care Expert
CEO: Johnny Wilkinson